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All of us can agree that we are the sum total of all our experiences along with perspectives, ideologies, biases we inherit from our previous generations. Therapy is a space to increase your awareness about the same, challenge those ideals, in order to increase your agency in leading your life in a choiceful  manner. Therapy entails exploration and introspection about your experiences and aspirations, “what makes us - US”, and the ability to redefine yourselves if you choose to do so. This is the space wherein you will fail and make mistakes, but you will always be encouraged to take your time, be accountable and build yourself.


Existential therapy

Existential therapy is collaborative effort, it requires the active participation of both the therapist as well as the service user. This form of therapy is not a quick fix, as a therapist we focus on building a relationship with you as we have learnt that the therapeutic relationship is a microcosm of your relationship dynamics in the outside world. With this approach, we honour your lived experiences and slowly but surely cultivate awareness to explore and discover your options and foster your agency. We traverse through various discussions and reflect on the same. There is no homework, but we do implore you to engage in the process.

Role of therapist 

The therapist has to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the service user. They have to establish the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship. They will facilitate the sessions but the service user will choose the direction of each session. They will keep all your information completely confidential. They will take into consideration the influence of cultural and societal norms with respect to the service user.


Role of the service user


The service user should respect the boundaries of the therapist as well as establish their own. They should be willing to actively participate in exploring different dimensions of their experiences and be willing to put in effort and not expect the work to be done by the therapist.


What to expect in therapy

The first few sessions of therapy would largely entail you letting me into your life and helping me understand who you are as a person. Given this, we do understand that at times you may experience a varied range of emotions, but it is important for you to know that it is in this discomfort that we achieve insights. After which you have the absolute authority to bring about  changes or not. We do not give you a step-by-step procedure on how to deal and overcome certain experiences, rather we gauge your expectations and understanding about the same and explore options and leave the decision up to you. This form of therapy is a long term process and you decide what you bring to therapy every session, and we as therapists have no say in it. That being said from time to time we share our observations with you, and have discussions about the same.


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