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Therapist Appreciation

Token of Appreciation for your therapist or a fellow colleague

All of us have had our own fair share of experiences with our therapists, they have been our confidantes, our support system and have played a major role in our lives as we are going through a journey of accepting our past, becoming aware of our thought, emotions, misgivings and paving way to a present and a future wherein we can strive forward and just live and enjoy life while accepting ourselves for who we are. 

Here is an opportunity to show your heartfelt gratitude for your therapist by sending them a small token of appreciation 

  1. Standardized package 

  • This box will consist of a letter expressing your journey through therapy, learnings, tribulations, your best therapy memories, or anything you would like to add to showcase your appreciation. 

  • Grounding tools - Your therapist will also have moments when they would require grounding tools to regulate their emotions, a grounding stone with your choice of emotion inscribed along with a scented candle of your preferred choice will be included. 

A whole lot of validation to your therapist in the form of chocolates. 

2. Customized package 

Tell us your idea to appreciate your therapist and we can make it happen

PS: Please note that these appreciation boxes cannot be sent to any therapists featured on this website.

This gift of appreciation is not only for therapists you are going to, but for therapists you follow or have helped you in any way.

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