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The Team

Get to know us!

Hemangi Vyawahare

Existential Psychotherapist

As a Clinical Psychologist with over 8 years of experience in psychotherapy, learning & development, & building mental health facilities in order to provide effective mental health care. Is queer affirmative, feminist, existentialist, & animal-assisted trained therapist, who believes in making mental health services easily accessible and creating safe mental health cultures for all. Has extensive experience in working with Children, Adolescents, & young adults.

She talks to aminals way more than humans in a non-therapy space, is bitten by the academic worm, while reading and pet parent's duties are taken very seriously. She is currently doing her Ph.D., supervising, holding her private practice, in therapy and supervision for herself, and learning randoms skills of pottery, painting, clay flowers and what not.


Farheen Ayesha


She is a young dynamic and budding psychotherapist with 3 year of experience. She is adventurous, straightforward and values each of her service users. You will find it very easy to talk to her, no doubt!

She is dabbling in various Schools of thought in psychology to help her service users. She seems to be inclined to existential, feministic, queer affirmative, trauma informed and gestalt therapy but is still exploring so we can see an eclectic side. She is also on her way to dabbling with art, clay, crochet and paints.
She loves to read and write, is very ambitious, and hard working. She can be funny when she wants but has an ability to understand self-deprecating, racist, or rape culture humor and doesn't find that funny ( thank god for that!) She is in therapy, supervision and peer groups and insists on updating herself and her practice.


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