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Existential therapy is a process of talk therapy that focuses on you and not your symptoms. It believes in the person's capacity to acknowledge, heal and grow, by making self-compassionate choices. The main tenants of existential therapy are free will, compassion, and the search for meaning. The belief that we all have the ability to be, know ourselves and know who we would like to be. In short, we have the innate ability to have self-awareness of ourselves, in both past and present. It stresses how we are impacted by our experiences to be our very own unique self. So existential is so much more about the meaning of life rather than the purpose, so work is mostly forced on you being rather than doing. (no homework to do!!). Lastly we, and the best part of existential therapy is your relationship with emotions improves massively. We believe that no emotion is bad, but only your way of interpreting your world. So say hello, to being okay with sadness, anger, anxiety, and a gamut of emotions, in a healthy capacity. 

One final word of caution is its long-term therapy which takes you and your therapist on a journey to discover you. 

Happy therapy!

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This collaborative effort entails a tinge of exploration and a dash of introspection to develop one’s awareness and agency over a period of time. Over various discussions and tumultuous silences, concerns are addressed, keeping in mind feminist ideals and cultural identities to gain perspective and experience life spontaneously. .


Administration of clinical diagnostic tools for the purpose of evaluating your mental health condition to plan for further interventions.

Group Therapy 

Various endeavours created for individuals to build a safe space and engage with each other to share one’s emotions and experiences. One learns to build relationships within the space and work through myriad experiences collectively.

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